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Advanced Equine Educational Opportunities

We have been offering teaching clinics for a number of years. Our primary goal is to educate horse owners about advanced equine dentistry. Many people would be surprised to know how many horse owners are unaware of the fact that horses have teeth in the back of their mouths. We have always felt that the more horse owners know about their horses' needs, the better both will be. Even the best intentioned horse owner among us can unknowingly be neglectful. It is important to realize the difference between a "routine float", and advanced equine dentistry. Knowing the difference can make a huge impact on the horse and rider relationship. Educating yourself will help you become one with your horse. Understanding the mechanics of the horse mouth will not only help your horse maintain weight, but will also aid in maintaining a positive mental attitude, therefore leading to a more pleasurable riding experience.

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Thinking About An Equine Dentistry School In Florida?

Try Our Mentor Program Instead

Learn equine dentistry through a hands-on approach. All training sessions are for 30 days, with a one on one each day with the Vet & Dentist. We DO NOT offer classroom sessions. This is a hands-on mentor program only! You will learn many aspects of Equine Dentistry through an intensive 4 weeks of field work alongside the veterinarian and certified equine dentist.

This is an introductory training session for equine dentistry. The objective of these sessions is for the trainee to develop a general knowledge of this discipline through a hands-on approach. This can and will be accomplished by reading and studying the recommended textbooks, listening and asking questions to the mentors, and observing first hand the handling of both the patient and the client. The trainee is expected to actively participate and ask questions throughout each week and will also be expected to complete all reading assignments on their own time. Mentor program will run Tues-Fri., for 4 consecutive weeks. Each trainee will be challenged periodically throughout the four weeks in order for the mentors to gauge their progress. Upon completion of the mentorship, the trainee may opt for 60 days of additional hands-on training to further their understanding of equine dentistry.

The general knowledge will embrace these subject areas:

  1. Equine Dental Terminology
  2. Equine Dental Anatomy
  3. Dental Physiology & Biomechanics of the Equine Mouth
  4. Aging
  5. Equine Dental Equipment
  6. Dental and Oral Examination
  7. Equine Dental Charting
  8. Common Dental Abnormalities
  9. Bit Seats & Port Measurements
  10. Basics of a Hand Float & Introduction to Power tools