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Dr. Jay Clifford, DVM & Richard Grist, CEqD are now taking advanced equine dentistry to the next level. Their practice offers the first ever air-conditioned, mobile dentistry/vet hospital. See and experience the difference for yourself. See why you will NEVER settle for a "routine float" again!

Our new Mobile Equine Hospital, The Med-E-Vet EQ-28, is designed with the safety and comfort of your horse in mind. It is complete with any features that allow you, the horse owner, to relax and observe your horse receiving the top quality care that he/she deserves.

No more holding your own horse's head up while he/she is sedated. No more sweating and straining in the hot Florida sun. Now our clients can relax in a cool, controlled environment while your horse is treated with the utmost professional care.

Advanced Equine Dentistry Trailer

What's New

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Referral program

Earn FREE dentistry for your horse. Awesome NEW Referral Program Makes It So Easy to Have Your Horse(s) Teeth Done For FREE***

***Referral Program: Earn a FREE dental for each NEW client that you refer to us. Referred client MUST present the referral card at time of service for the referring client to receive a free dental. Price does NOT include sedation or travel charge. Referring Client MUST BE AN ACTIVE CLIENT. Please call for complete details!!!

Benefits for You & Your Horse

  • Safety Ensured

    Supervision by Dr. Jay Clifford DVM throughout procedure, while Richard Grist, C.Eq.D balances your horse's mouth.
  • Comfort

    Controlled environment offers comfort for both you and your horse.
  • Education

    Our trained staff will teach you how to avoid causing your horse unnecessary pain through recognizing small signs from your horse.
  • Save Money!!!

    Why spend so much money on extra feed to keep your horse a healthy weight? Regular biannual dental maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars… per horse!!!
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